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Let us help you bring your dream to life.

Imagining it is fun, now let us take care of the rest

EVERY PROJECT SHOULD START OUT FUN. It’s thrilling to bring your creative baby to life. But there’s a lot of tedious stuff along the way: hiring talent, hammering out contracts, fretting about deadlines, and tracking down the inker who cashed your check and went AWOL. When you work with Ginger Knight, we take care of all that stuff. You’ll enjoy a streamlined process with guaranteed outcomes—and you’ll have a lot more fun.

We match you with talented creators to bring your idea to life and manage your project so you can enjoy a streamlined, stress-free creative process. You’ll work directly with one of our experienced project managers who will be available to answer any questions you may have throughout the process. You also never have to worry about the boring administrative stuff like contracts, NDA agreements, invoices, payments, and communications. We guarantee our work and honor your deadlines.



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